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If you are planning to come to France to visit, study, work, settle, dance or marry,

you will most likely need a visa. 


If you would like specifics advice on your situation, we can set up a consultation over the phone or in person, and we can help you to figure out which option is best of you and even help you through the steps. Read a couple of our client stories to find out exactly how we can help...


Last Updated 10/01/2018


For the most part if you plan on moving to France, you will need to solicit an entry visa for your local French consulate. There are some exceptions, notably family member or spouse of a European do not need to request a visa but you must request a carte de séjour within three months of arriving in France. If you are currently working on this phase of your "move to France master plan," don't be intimidated and don't be scared.


Though it is quite daunting heading in to the consulate for your rendez-vous, knowing what you are applying for and what to include in your application, can help you to start your vie en rose.

Barbara and Tom

Visitor Visa - Long Stay

San Francisco, U.S.A. September 2015


Barbara and Tom had long dreamed of moving to France. They were interested in the culture and energy of the capital city, but also intregued by French health care and language lessons. Tom contacted us after already booking their appointments at the consulate. After a phone consultation we were able to explain to them the visa process, and how it will work once they arrived in France. We were also able to stress that they include a simple "financial summary" of their income for the consulate as many of their financial ressources came from different sources; property, pension, and Barbara's earnings as a real estate consultant.


Sure enough, Barbara and Tom were approved for thier visas the first time around. They now live in the XVIII arrondisment of Paris. Tom goes to the local boulangerie every Sunday morning and brings Barbara back a croissant and a red rose. No joke, Tom makes most husbands look bad.




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